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24th January 2002 : Welcome To GuLong.Net Version 5!

Version 5 is undoubtedly the most complete version ever since I started out. I mean, I was bored of previous versions' designs before they were completed thus it prompted me to constantly try to revamp it. Finally this website is looking almost complete but I just consider it as complete anyway =P. Have fun surfing! I'm out....

December 2001 : The Third Master's Sword [ Gathered from ]

The Sun reports that Tsui Hark will be using newcomer Karena Lam Ka-Yan rather than CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON's Zhang Ziyi for his upcoming new historical drama SAM SIU YE DIK GIM (lit. THIRD MASTER'S SWORD).

According to The Sun, the movie studio backing the film was tired of the protracted negotiations with Zhang so they decided to go with the eager Lam. Lam has completed two films that are awaiting release: YAU LING YAT GEI (lit. GHOSTLY JOURNAL) and Ann Hui's NAM YAN SEI SAP (lit. MAN AT FORTY).

Reportedly, SAM SIU YE DIK GIM has a budget of HK$100 million. Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing is slated to play the lead character of Yin Sap-Sam. The film is being produced by Derek Yee Tung-Sing while Tsui Hark directs. Shooting is set to start next May.

In related news, Tsui Hark reportedly wants to include a South Korean actor in the cast. According to The Sun, Song Seung Hun from VIRUTAL TWILIGHT and Lee Byung-Heon from JOINT SECURITY AREA are among those being considered.

October 2001 : Treasure Raiders 2002 [ Gathered from ]


Treasure Raiders 2002 Mainland China Version aka Xiao Shiyi Lang

Nicky Wu Kei-Lung and Athena Chu Yan were on location in Suzhou recently for work on the Mainland historical drama SIU SAP YAT LONG (lit. SIU ELEVENTH MASTER).

With conditions in the Mainland not as modernized as conditions in Hong Kong, Chu had to endure some extraordinary experiences.

"There are a lot of mosquitoes and flies in the outhouses here. Someone got malaria from a mosquito and needed a blood transfusion. So, everytime I go to the bathroom, my assistant has to come along with a can of bug spray. We make sure to spray the area thoroughly before going."

To avoid any eye irritation while on the hot and dusty Mainland set, Chu has decided not to wear her contacts for scenes that do not require any action.

"One time, I was working on a scene with a Mainland actress. Both of us had decided not to wear our contracts. While we were working on the scene we both noticed some thing moving around next to us. It wasn't until we finished the scene that we realized it was a cockroach. It was a good thing we couldn't see what it was otherwise we would have been scared to death!"

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Nicky Wu Injures Hand:


A report from the Mainland's Suzhou province states that Nicky Wu Kei-Lung injured his right hand yesterday during filming of an action scene for his new historical drama SIAO SAP YAT LONG (lit. SIAO ELEVENTH MASTER).

Apparently, an explosive accidentally went off and caused a cut on Wu's right hand. Wu was reportedly rushed to hospital where he received seven stitches to close the wound. The series co-stars Athena Chu Yan (centre with Wu).

Chu, in fact, had just returned to the Suzhou province set after spending the day before yesterday in Hong Kong promoting her new film STOWAWAY. After promoting the film, Chu spent a little time with boyfriend Paul Wong Kwoon-Chung before returning to the Mainland.

Speaking to reporters, Chu said with a bittersweet tone:

"I really didn't want to come back here just for the one day. Not seeing him (Wong) at all would have been better than seeing him for such a short time."

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Behind The Scenes of The TVB Version:

Maggie Siu and Halina Tam Maggie Siu and Halina Tam Siu Wan

Yesterday, on location in a stream in the Sai Kung district, Halina Tam Siu-Wan (on the right) shot a kissing scene with Maggie Siu Mei-Kei for their new TVB historical drama SIAO SAP YAT LONG (lit. SIAO ELEVENTH MASTER).

Technically, it was not a kissing scene as Siu's character pulls away at the last minute.

Asked afterwards for a comment, Tam remarked: "Working on this series has left me with a lot of unforgettable memories. The day before yesterday, I got to slap Felix Wong Yat-Wah in the face.

Then, I get to shoot three kissing scenes with Maggie Siu. The third time, I have red wine in my mouth and I'm supposed to pass it along to her. I think Maggie Siu sees me as a man now. I'm pretty much used to it too.

Earlier, I had to shoot a scene with Maggie Siu where we are holding hands while walking down the street. It didn't bother me too much because when I was in school, I always used to hold my schoolmate's hand."

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