Yo! I'm Meloncholic Swordsman, the webmaster of this Gu Long website. I'd like to thank Clair who first helped me out with HTML a bit, because of her kindness and generosity I felt encouraged to learn HTML and it has lead me to where I am now with this website.

I'd also like to thank all the following people who have contributed to this website, this website would never have been created in the first place if they hadn't contributed.

  • Phoenix
  • Becky Tai
  • Ken Cheng
  • Edmond Lau
  • Tiger Wong
  • Simon Tey
  • Yun
  • And those in the Gu long forum




Meloncholic Swordsman


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Shh...secret, heh.

Ambitions in life:

To wander aimlessly and hope money will just fall into my lap so they can pay for my living.

Oh I asked the shepherd for news of her

He said he'd heard her gone collecting cow dung

Oh I asked a cowherd what he knew of her

He said she's gone to pick up cow chips

I looked high and low

I searched in all directions

Her shadow fell on flowers on the mountain ridge

My fine black horse surged up the mountain

To that long familiar silhuolette, but it wasn't her.

The above poem probably sums me up! heh.

Besides this Gu Long website, I also have constructed a website for Sheren Tang Shui Man, a Hong Kong actress who is a former leading-lady for TVB back in the 80s. Presently, she is 30+ y.o. and frankly she doesn't look as good no more, awwzz...Recently she was in the HK hit tear-jerker film Fly Me To Polaris playing Cecilia Cheung's pregnant sister. That ought to give you an idea of who she is before clicking on the link. :-)

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