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This commercial-free website was created out of a hobby of Meloncholic Swordsman and is intended to inform people about the late Chinese wuxia author Gu Long and to share some pictures and knowledge about TVB period series with other wuxia enthusiasts.

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Treasure Raiders was known in the 1970s as The Legend of The Deer-Carving Sabre. The series is titled as "Siu Sup Yat Long" in Cantonese.

There is also a TV production in China's company CCTV starring Nicky Wu and Athena Chu Yan. This version have also been released. Click on the picture below for more details on all of the above mentioned versions.

Click here for more details on Treasure Raiders TVB/CCTV

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I haven't updated this site for over a year now. LOLzzz... I don't think I will do anymore updates in the near future but I will...someday. There are some corrections and addendums that are in need to be done, eg, the banner that says "GuLong.Net". Now this is an expired domain name. It used to work but now it doesnt anymore.

Visitors have emailed me information and pictures but I have been such a slum bum to add their provided info. But anyway, this is largely due to the fact that I have found someone special to spend my free time with.

Also, those who have contacted me about wanting to read more chapters of Deer-Carving Sabre. I apologise that further reading is not possible due to the restrictions of the translator. I *think* Deer-Carving has already been published so please do some reseach on its whereabouts if you want to buy it.

When I first started out this website was called The Life and Works of Gu Long. And when the Ver. 5 was uploaded I decided to change the name to Gu Long Online. With the next version of this website, I will go back to the original website name. Previous versions did not have a lot of information and gradually the fans of Gu Long provided forum goers with more info and thus I used those info to put them into and more detailed website. I haven't read any novels and I don't think I will, I prefer watching =). It's more exciting to watch, I reckon.

Alright, I'm gonna fly outta here like how swordsmen do in series....*flying*

Happy Swordsman =)

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