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By Pheonix

Life At Home

Gu Long's dress sense was as hassle-free as his writing. He'd choose to wear a suit without the tie and considering comfort rather than quality. He did not dress for anybody, but for his own comfort only. Gu Long was at his freest wandering around topless at home.

Talking of which, one must mention his house. When he lived in Ruifang his house was very simple, but after he became famous, it all turned luxurious. He bought two flats in Tai-pei, one for his family and one as his creative space.

The smartest room had to be his study, which boasted an advanced music, home entertainment and games system, where he also played darts.

Covering all four rooms of his study were the works of famous people, all dedicated to this great brother of theirs, Gu Long. Despite owning such an enviously luxurious house, Gu Long rarely spent time there.

As soon as he finished his manuscripts he'd abandon his pen then go out and seek pleasure. He'd frequently stay in hotels, not returning home for days on end.

There was nothing his wife at that time could do though. She knew that Gu Long would eventually come home when he'd had enough.

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