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By Pheonix


Love Life

Gu Long's state of perfection consists of a pen, alcohol and beautiful women. He was married twice but both marriages ended up in divorce, bringing him three sons and a deep scar in his heart.

It could be said that over half the problems in his love life were caused by his dissipated nature. His student, Ding Qing, once bluntly said, it is in Gu daxia's (dai hap) nature to be a prodigal, therefore he is unsuitable for a marriage life.

Although Gu Long wrecked two marriages, he was never short of beautiful women.

The literary world at the time was curious to know how such a plain-looking man could attract so many beautiful women.

Some say it's because of his riches, but Ding Qing, who knew him well, said, Gu daxia's charisma is in his loneliness- that's what attracts the beautiful women.

The women who were well acquainted with Gu Long understood that he was a lonely man who pursued novelty because of his lonely heart. As a result, he had loved many women, but almost none of them were long-term relationships.

Although Gu Long could not be without female companions, he'd frequently abandon his loved ones to be with his friends.

He could always find another women, but a good friend is hard to find, and it was this attitude that provoked hatred towards him from many of those women, who also accused him of not taking life seriously.

Eventually two women divorced him and the remainder of the women who were once close to him ended up unwilling to forgive his cold-heartedness.

One of Gu Long's biggest weaknesses his life was his love for alcohol. Although he enjoyed having fun in some sexually charged places [I could not think of a more appropriate word for fung yuet cheung sor, he had never forced a women into anything they were unwilling to do.

He had once advised Ding Qing, go home, you little bastard [doesn?t sound as harsh in Chinese], XX treats you well, you shouldn't wrong her.

Gu Long understood that it was difficult to change his own ways, and he didn't want others to be like him. He also knew that he owed too many love debts.


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