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God of Sabre 1979 ( Original TVB Version )

Cast List

  • Damian Lau Chung Yan
  • Gigi Chiu Ngar Chi
  • Kam Kwok Wai
  • Mary Hon Ma Lei
  • Kwan Hoi Shan
  • Seung Yee
  • Sek Kin
  • Kwok Fung
  • Go Miu See
  • Annie Lui On Lai


  • Ray Lui Leung Wai
  • Lau Dan

What is this series about?

Damian Lau Chung Yan is Ding Pang, a young man who ventures into the world of martial artists after his father dies in an attempt to make it to the top. On his way he encountered a beautiful but troubled lady who claimed she was kidnapped by some outlaws in the mountains, so as a righteous and honorable man, Ding Pang took care of her.

Shortly after, they became lovers and he entrusted the woman with his family's treasure - a martial arts manual and left for the convention of martial artists (Mo Lum Dai Wui) to compete for the top.

At the convention, be battled with the greatest fighter and almost became number one until the opponent (by Kam Kwok Wai) confronted and accused him of stealing the martial arts from him and that he had prove.

The martials arts manual of the opponent was then brought out for all to witness that the kung fu Ding Pang had just used were all evident in this manual.

Who would've thought that the person bringing out the manual was his lover. Ding Pang was used.

Ding Pang was then banned from entering the world of arts again for several years. After leaving the convention he was attacked but was rescued by another beautiful woman (Gigi Chiu). She took him into her home situated underground to treat his wounds.

Times passed by and they fell in love and got married. His grandfather in-law eventually taught him excellent kung fu and passed onto him the treasured curved sabre. Once mastered he was eager to to get out into the martial arts world again to seek revenge...

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