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Chor Lau Heung 1978 ( Original TVB Version )

Cast List

  • Adam Cheng - Chor Lau Heung (He's actually been married 3 times in real life!)

  • Kwan Chong - Mo Fa Dai Si or 'No Flower Monk' - a major nemesis!!

  • Gigi Chiu Ngar Chi - So Yung Yung, one of Chor's ladies.

  • Richard Ng Man Tat - Wu Tit Fa, Chor's alcoholic best mate.

  • Sarita Leung San - Leader of Kei Kwan Yum Sect, mother of No Flower Monk.

  • Go Miu Si - One of the ladies on the boat with Chor.

  • Lisa Wang Ming Chuen - Wah San, one of Chor's love interest.

  • Mary Hon Ma Lei - Wah San's sister. She also fell for Chor unfortunately! :P

  • Annie Liu On Lai - Chor's sister.

  • Ching Ho Wai - Has a thang for Wu Tit Fa.

  • Lui Yau Wai - Yin Chi. Leader of Gung Sun Sui - 'Heavenly Water Sect' - A woman everyone fears.

  • Cecilia Wong Hang Sau - One of Yin Chi's nasty Sect sisters.

  • Idy Chan Yuk Lin - One of Yin Chi's nicer Sect sisters.

  • Wong Wun Choi - Of Japanese descent. Planned to kill Chor Lau Heung.

  • Ha Yu - One of Chor's trustworthy buddies. Fell for Au Yeung Pui San at first sight.

  • Au Yeung Pui San - Fell for Ha Yu, only eventually.

Kwan Chong

Many thanks to Lan Anh at Chow Goon for the pictures.

What is this series about?

Chor Lau Heung is a charming and flirtatious protagonist, a person who ladies seem to always have a soft spot for, yup yup, it's like every woman he meets falls for him because of his charm (yea even the mother of No Flower Monk). God forbid! they'd even prepare to sacrifice their own lives for him. But beneath his handsome exterior lies a friendly, humble, honorable and righteous personality. These are some of the attributes that make him a likeable character.

When not solving mysteries that plague the world of martial arts, Chor Lau Heung relaxes on his boat with several beautiful ladies who follow him for adventures and fun. Chor Lau Heung also has a great loyal friend Wu Tit Fa who is an alcohol enthusiast so we often see him holding a large jar of wine.

One of Gu Long's trademark styles of of telling his stories is that the people closest to you could always be your enemies. This is an unescapable factor that exists in alot of his stories and adaptations.

The first part, "The Legend of No Flower" ( or Flowerless, whichever =) ) involves No Flower Monk that eventually uncovers his actual identity and purpose.

The 2nd part, "The Final Battle" sees Chor Lau Heung battle it out with No Flower and other mysterious characters including Kei Kwan Yum (The Buddha of Mercy) and Yin Chi, the leader of the female-dominated Heavenly Water Sect.

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